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2012-12-08 08:03:00 - Forums Deleted

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

Unfortunately i have had to delete the forums. While i had been away spammers got in and went crazy (over 10k posts). Not only that but the contents of the posts could have caused huge legal issues for me.

I may re-open the forums at a later date but it will be a fresh forum so users would have to re-register.

Sorry for the trouble caused but spammers really are too much to deal with.

2012-06-17 05:16:00 - Tower Defence: Current status and goals

Posted By: annihilator Category: Development

Hi guys, it has been a while since I have posted anything so here is a quick update on the status of the Tower Defence game.
Currently work is still focused on getting the game engine together. This work is going well but I have had to refocus my efforts. What this means is that I am not currently maintaining the DX11 features. The main reason for this is that I want to be able to finish all the core engine features by December.

Once the core engine is complete I can start prototyping the game and this will be the stage when I will be frequently looking for user feedback so that the game can be made as good as possible. One thing to bare in mind though is that I am not aiming to be the next big thing for the genre, I just want to make a fun (and free) game for people to play and for me to keep working on.

I may post a few updates about the engine soon (probably once Havok is in) so keep an eye out for those

2011-09-27 10:29:00 - Upgraded forums

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

Hey everyone, I have just finished upgrading the forums to the latest version of SMF.
This was a fairly major upgrade and should provide a much nicer experience overall, as well as hopefully cutting down the amount of spam and bots that plagued the forums in the past.

2011-09-06 14:15:00 - It's been a while

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

Hey everyone, just posting to say i am still alive and kicking. If there is anyone still out there anyway

Just posting a quick update about the Tower Defence game. We are making fairly good progress with the engine so far. A few of the major features that we have are: 3D Scene management, 2D rendering, UI powered by CEGUI (Link), Animated meshes and Squirrel scripting.

The renderer is currently powered by Direct X 9 but i am planning to add Direct X 11 and possibly OpenGL at a later date.

I am also adding Havok physics to the engine. This will more than likely replace our current animation system also, which means we can do some cool ragdoll animations

I will upload screenshots as soon as i have something cool to show that isn't just a testbed for engine features

2011-01-14 13:49:00 - What's Next?

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

Ok, so now that Drizzle is released, you might be wondering what we are doing next

Well, here it is. We are currently working on a tower defence game. We have been working on it for several months now and are currently working on the engine and tools side of things.

We plan to release the game with all of its tools, so you can expect it to be mod friendly.

I will release more information about the game as it progresses.

I will also start tweeting little bits and pieces as i go along on my twitter account.

If you would like to make some suggestions for the game you can either post on the forums, email or send me a message on twitter.

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