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2009-03-30 00:00:00 - More Uni Work

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

I have just finished uploading my latest assignment demo. The demo is for my shader module. The aim was to create an environment to demonstrate the use of various shaders in a game environment. I created this demo using C++ and Direct X 9.

2009-03-22 00:00:00 - X48 GameCamp is over

Posted By: annihilator Category: XNA

Hey everyone. Had a great weekend thanks to the X48 GameCamp. Me and the rest of the Drizzle team went down to Derby university to compete to create an XNA game in roughly 28 hours. The theme that was set by channel 4 was evolution.

Everybody was working really hard and there was energy drink and pizza everywhere

We created a game called Involved. The basic idea behind it is that you control an orb and you must find other orbs that are weaker than you and shoot or eat them so that you can grow stronger and larger. However at the same time you must avoid being eaten by the larger orbs. The size of the player is represented by evo-points. If you shoot an orb that is stronger than you are then you lose evo-points.

The game plays in waves with a certain evo-point target and time limit for each wave. As the waves progress the player orb gets larger but so do all the orbs around you. The aim was to demonstrate evolution in the sense that you are competing with lots or people and if you dont evole in time then you will be left behind.

Also the player has the ability to split thier orb so that it moves like a snake. The idea of this is that each orb in the tail can also shoot so this provides the player with a larger spread of bullets. This makes the player move considerably slower and also attracts the orbs to attack you so it must be used carefully.

After the 28 hours or so of game creating we went to the awards ceremony to see all the games and also to preset our game.

We came away with 2nd place and also Best Art which we are very happy with.

I am going to upload some videos and screenshots soon and will embed them here once they are uploaded.

The game can be downloaded from either the Involved project page of the Involved download section.

2008-09-08 00:00:00 - New website design

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

We have just finished uploading the new aG design. Feel free to leave your feedback. Please note that some of the website features are still being upgraded.

We have more content coming soon

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