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2010-12-16 18:24:00 - First Drizzle Review

Posted By: annihilator Category: Drizzle

Hey everyone, our first review has been posted on

Overall, the review is pretty good and we are happy that the reviewer found the game fun and also worth the money. I'm looking forward to see more reviews soon.

2010-12-11 11:22:00 - Game Review Site

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

Hey everyone, I recently received an email from the site admin of informing me that they have created a page for people to review Drizzle.

Their site has some really handy tools to rate and review games so it would be great to see reviews for Drizzle on there. So feel free to share your experiences of Drizzle, or any other game you have played recently, on their site. As always you can also post your comment and feedback on our forums.

2010-12-09 22:16:00 - Forums Restored

Posted By: annihilator Category: General

Ok, I have restored access to the forums. Please feel free to post feedback and suggestions about Drizzle or any other games on there. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and it will help us make better games in the future

2010-12-09 18:20:00 - Drizzle has been released!!

Posted By: annihilator Category: Drizzle

Finally we have got Drizzle released on Xbox Live Indie Games. At the time of posting this post we are in the top 500 best sellers today
Looking forward to seeing reviews.

The game can be bought from Xbox Live Market place on your 360 or here

2010-11-24 00:00:00 - Drizzle back in peer review

Posted By: annihilator Category: Drizzle

Ok, its been a while but Drizzle is back in peer review. I had to get a friend to test and fix the final bugs since I don't have the hardware to test them with but all is looking good for release now.

I have also been working on a new game on the side which i will be posting more about once i have got something reasonable together.

I may also start using Twitter for little update snippets but its not something im overly fussed about while i have 0 followers ;) My Twitter account is agannihilator.

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