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Total Annihilation Units files.

Anti EarthQuaker
Side: Core
Anti-EarthQuaker by Morpheous. This unit is the counter to the EarthQuaker. It is built by the Core advanced vehicle plant.

Size: 17.03KB | Downloads: 2292

Side : Arm
A captured alien technology, these battleships are armed with heavy weapons and good armour

Size: 34.49KB | Downloads: 2204

Side : Arm
Advanced alien mothership built by the Arm advanced aircraft plant.

Size: 17.3KB | Downloads: 2256

Side : Core
Heavy Assault Vehicle. This unit was suggested by Bonedog1. This vehicle is armed with the bulldog plasma cannon and a custom high explosive missile launcher.

Size: 26.57KB | Downloads: 2269

Side : Core
This unit is a super speed jet fighter used for fast attacks. It is armed with dual multi-missile launchers and a heavy laser. The unit is built by the Advanced Aircraft plant for core.

Size: 12.57KB | Downloads: 2126

Side : Core
Heavy Raid Vehicle.Very similar to the beast.However the main cannons pack more punch.

Size: 38.17KB | Downloads: 2227

Side : Arm
Space Heavy Weapons Mainframe. Armed with 2 plasma cannons and a heavy laser turret.

Size: 5.82KB | Downloads: 2204

Battlestation V2
Side : Arm
Stratosphere Command Center With Cold Fusion.Advance Battlestation. Slow moving but extremely powerful mobile space station.

Size: 64.52KB | Downloads: 2239

Side : Arm
This unit is a heavy level 2 mech armed with twin ion cannons and a light laser. It has light/meduim armour so it's not a good idea to charge it in on its own.
This unit is best used in a group of about 5. It may be a good idea to support them with a couple of Predators or Cerebus's too ;)

This unit was suggested by Sleepy_Bee_3

Size: 23.06KB | Downloads: 2251

Side : Arm
Long range artillery unit.Fires 3 artillery bullets at once. can be very deadly if they all hit one target. Cerebus' provide excellent long range support on an assaulting group of units.

Size: 16.49KB | Downloads: 2157

Cerebus V2
Side : Arm
An upgraded version of the cerebus with a faster firing cannon.However it is slightly less accurate.

Size: 140.51KB | Downloads: 2171

Side : Arm
Mobile earthquake generator.This unit is built by the Arm advanced vehicle plant.

Size: 18.07KB | Downloads: 2123

Side : Core
The eraser is a high powered tank with a long range laser connon.Using a unique ion particle system to provide high damage.

Size: 7.94KB | Downloads: 2139

Side : Arm
The fortifier is a mobile fortification wall. Use these to guard important buildings or block an entrance.

Size: 12.4KB | Downloads: 2172

Side : Arm
The Immobolizer is a heavy assaut mech. Armed with twin gatling guns, AA rocket launcher and a paralizer.

Size: 326.5KB | Downloads: 2175

Side : Arm
Arm Command was looking for a good replacement for the obsolete Invader KBOT bomb, although the could be loaded into an Atlas and detonated this still wasn't good arm scientist named Kelan Törsk from Hidara Prime came with a brilliant plan, a Subterranean Bomb! a tank soon was developted with a powerful drill, this tank is remotely controlled and carries the same antimatter bomb as the Invader... In combat tests it proved very destructive...arm command was pleased and Kelan Törsk got the honor of being cloned massively.

Size: 19.9KB | Downloads: 2241

Side : Core
Light Raid Tank Armed With 120 Caliber Guns

Size: 43.18KB | Downloads: 2210

Side : Arm
The predator is a very heavy battle tank, capable of ripping a large light squad to peices very quickly. It also has very heavy armour.

Size: 16.05KB | Downloads: 2100

Predator V2
Side : Arm
The predator V2 is an anti-armour tank armed with a powerfull ion cannon.Uses 10000 energy to fire the weapon but it can travel through several targets.

Size: 74.62KB | Downloads: 2302

Side : Core
Pulse cannon APC vehicle.

Size: 56.17KB | Downloads: 2230

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